Terms & conditions

To hire a car from Hirecarmauritius
The designated driver to the contract must be aged over 21 years and have a valid driving license. This must be justified by original documents.
If a second driver is required, he / she must present the original driver’s license, ID card or passport.
Only drivers identified on the rental contract are entitled to drive the rented vehicle.

Average length of car rental
The rental period is calculated in increments no smaller than 24 hours from the time of availability of the vehicle
The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the renter at the date provided for in the lease, if you want to keep it beyond that date it will be for you to request an extension to the lessor.

Reservation & Payment of car rentals:
A compulsory refundable deposit of Rs 15,000 / Rs 20,000 (exact amount depends on the type model) is required. The deposit can be done by credit card at the time of booking, or in cash upon delivery of the car. This deposit is refundable at the end of the rental period provided no damage has been caused to the vehicle.
The payment of the rental cost may be in cash, by bank transfer or credit card.
Our rates include unlimited mileage, lubricants and vehicle maintenance.
Our rates are expressed in Euro.

Delivery / Recovery
Rent a car in Mauritius gives you the choice where you want us to deliver or retrieve the vehicle (Airport, Hotels, villa … etc.)
The use of vehicles on unpaved roads (track) is prohibited.
The driver is solely responsible for the offenses and contraventions of road traffic.

Car Insurance:
Vehicles are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy with unlimited liability sum.
The insurance covers all cases, except the ones caused by driving under the influence, violation of the rental terms or culpable negligence. In the unlikely event of an accident, the hirer is responsible to cover damages in the amount not exceeding Rs 20,000 / Rs 25,000 (depending on the car model). For any accident, a report is mandatory.

Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. The car will be delivered with a fuel level and rendered
With the same level, the fuel left in the tank will not repay. In case the car will be returned with a tank which is not full the cost of refuelling the car to a full tank state will be charged against the deposit.