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Car rental information you require to hire a car in the best terms and conditions in Mauritius.

Terms and conditions to rent a car

This agreement is between the hirer and the company Hire Car Mauritius Co Ltd, incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius. “Hirers”” is the party who signs the rental contract or any other driver qualified to drive a vehicle rented in Mauritius “Hire Car Mauritius Co Ltd” is a registered company “Vehicle “, mean car and van for an agreed rental period. “Damage” This explains the damage caused to the leased vehicle or to any third party by collision, theft or by any means which modifies its original condition.
Hirer has to present a valid driving license issued by their authorities and be at least one year old. The Hirer must also present his / her original driving license, passport and identity card. An International driving license is not mandatory if you are going to visit Mauritius for a period of fewer than 3 months. The Hirer must also present a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard) for the full payment of the current rental fees and the refundable deposit of excess insurance Payment of the refundable deposit is compulsory and is accepted in cash or by credit card with prior authorization. The excess deposit can take up to 10 business days before being discharged according to bank procedures. Hire Car Mauritius Contract cars Ltd requires an excess amount to release any vehicle. The excess amount varies and depends on the category of cars or models.
The car can be reserved online via the secure site, by email or by phone. 20% of the total rental amount is required to confirm a booking with Hire Car Mauritius. The remainder must be settled on the delivery day either in cash (euros, dollars, Mauritian rupees) or credit card. However, a 5% commission applies in addition to the total rental amount as bank charges if payment is made by credit card.Note that online offers are the best rates. Booking by email can be made at info@hirecarmauritius.com. However, fees will generally be higher than online offers. Full payment will be required before your booking date. Reservation by phone is also possible at +23057767286 during all week from 7 am to 5.30pm.The total payment will be made before the delivery of the car to any locations.
A joint pre-lease check must be carried out before the hirer takes charge of the vehicle and all visual defects and fuel levels must be listed and signed by both contracting parties We guarantee a particular brand or model that has been booked by the tenant. In our Car gallery, the classified and listed cars are most commonly used but may be substituted at our discretion for planning purposes or by unforeseen circumstances such as mechanical failure or accidents.Consequently, the same category of cars will be proposed in terms of engine capacity, transmission mode and starting space. In case we are incapable of providing the same car category or an upgrade option (no extra charge) will issue a full refund of the initial deposit. In the event that we have no other option than providing a downgrade vehicle category with your approval prices will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly. A general check must also be made at the time of delivery of the rented vehicle in the presence of our agent. The inspection form must be duly signed by both parties to avoid potential conflicts that may arise in the future. It is the tenant’s responsibility to sign the postal inspection form. Failure to do so may result in the tenant incurring additional costs that will be charged later.
The hirer must use the vehicle responsibly, with care and attention and maintain its proper functioning. The vehicle must always be locked when left unattended. If any loss or damage occurs to an unlocked vehicle, it is the sole responsibility of the hirer. The vehicle is delivered impeccably clean and must be returned as far as possible in the same state of cleanliness. A cleaning fee may be charged to the hirer in case the vehicle is returned in a disorderly state. The hirer must comply with the Mauritius Road Traffic Act in force in Mauritius and will be liable to any fine resulting from any violation accordingly during the rental period. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as at the beginning of the hire and the hirer will be required to refund Hire Car Mauritius Contract Cars Ltd for any damage caused to the vehicle and reimburse the company for all costs incurred.
All mechanical and maintenance repairs are carried out by Hire Car Mauritius Co Ltd unless otherwise provided with the written approval of Hire CarMauritius Co Ltd. Fees and expenses of any repair undertaken without written consent will not be refunded to the Hirer. All vehicles are hired in perfect working condition. However, the hirer must immediately stop the vehicle in case of an anomaly indicated by the lights on the dashboard or any other reason if the tenant believes that mechanical problems may occur. The tenant must immediately inform Hire car Mauritius Contract Cars Ltd of any anomaly or mechanical problem.
During the renting period, the hirer is entitled to 24-hour roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident. However, in a case of negligence, the hirer will incur additional costs. In the cases of dead battery negligent, an additional of 15 EUR will be charged to the hirer. Hire Car Mauritius agrees to replace any accidental or broken vehicle or to provide a taxi at the convenience of the tenant taking into account what is most appropriate.
The tenant must return the vehicle to the agreed location, the date and time stated in the rental agreement otherwise, additional charges will be applied and may be higher than normal rates. The extension of the rental period must be informed to Hire Car Mauritius in advance before the end of the hire date. The rental rate is calculated daily and on an hourly basis. A 30-minute grace is normally applied at the end of the rental period, the tenant will be charged for overtime (2EUR hours). The renter must return the vehicle at the time indicated on the rental contract, otherwise, there will be additional charges which may be higher than the normal rates.
In the case of an accident, the Renter must immediately inform the agency contract Car Ltd and ask for advice on how to proceed. In the Mauritian circumstance where an accident occurs and does not cause physical injury and where no more than two vehicles included, the parties concerned should make a mutual agreement No insurance covers damages or repairs if the renter has not submitted the Agreed Statements of Facts form. For example of a particular situation, the Hire Car Mauritius emergency team will come as soon as possible to handle the situation If the vehicle is not roadworthy, following an accident, Hire Car Mauritius Contract car LTD will replace your car with another of the same category.
20% of the total rental amount is required to confirm a booking with Hire Car Mauritius contract Cars Ltd The remainder must be settled at the time of delivery by the hirer either in cash (euros or Mauritian rupees) or credit card. However, a 5% commission is applied in addition to the total rental fee as bank charges if payment is made by credit card.
In the case of cancellation has a delay of 7 days before taking the whole of your deposit would be refundable. For any cancellation less than 5 days no refund will be accepted. There will be no refunds for the rental days where the vehicle was not used. No refund will be accepted for email or phone reservation for last minute cancellation The Renter bears all the administrative fees or commissions for all refunded by bank transfer or by credit card.
All rentals at Hire Car Mauritius come with an all-comprehensive insurance coverage,” CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Protection against theft) with a deductible or excess differ from 400 to 500 euros depending on model vehicles or categories. So you can limit your financial liability to the deductible or excess amount. However, you will not be covered by our insurance in the event of impaired driving or gross negligence. Loss of vehicle keys and personal effects are not covered by the insurance policy.Note that we apply the excess amount to your credit card as a deposit. If you return the vehicle in good condition, the deposit will be released immediately. Deductible/excess amount for different categories of automobiles as follows: Economy & Family € 526 Luxury € 559 Mini € 575
At Hire car, it is possible to reduce the amount to half by paying an additional daily fee for your normal rental fees but is not refundable (Applies for a minimum of 7 days rental This simply means that if damages happen to your leased vehicle you will not be required to pay the entire deductible or excess you have already select to go for an additional insurance. Note that we will block half of the excess amount on your credit card. However, the supplementary insurance excludes the following: Accidental damage to windows, tires, chassis, exterior mirrors, headlights and roofs Loss of keys Loss of personal belongings Loss for extras like GPS and baby seats In cases of drunken driving.
The hirer or any additional driver is liable to fines or contraventions under the Law on Road Traffic during the rental period. Any fines or penalties resulting from a violation of the Highway Traffic Act will be invoiced to the Hirer’s credit card when the rented vehicle was under its sole responsibility. The hirers must report any damages if the vehicle is returned to a state other than that contained in the prepackaged inspection process. The Hirers is responsible for any damage (s) if the vehicle is returned in a condition other than that listed during the Joint Pre-Rent Inspection process. The tenant or any additional driver is liable to fines or contraventions under the Law on Road Traffic during the rental period. Rental agreement signed by the renter is subject to and governed by the laws of Mauritius.